[maemo-users] Removing excess packages after Diablo upgrade

From: Marius Vollmer marius.vollmer at nokia.com
Date: Wed Aug 20 14:17:00 EEST 2008
"ext R. G. Newbury" <newbury at mandamus.org> writes:

> These along with many other packages (chinese-font, clink-av0, gnuchess 
> for example) are listed as dependencies/requirements of 'OS2008 feature 
> upgrade 1:4.2008.23-14'.
> Is there any way to remove this sort of restriction? (Unpack, revise and 
> repack the .deb for example.?)

Yes, that would work.  You can also remove the files of the packages and
leave the package itself installed (after verifying that nothing else
than the osso-software-version-rx34 package depends on it.)

A better option might be to just remove the osso-software-version-rx34
(or -rx44) package and update 'manually' with "apt-get upgrade" etc from
then on.

It is also possible to put alternative meta packages into the maemo.org
Extras repository, if there is enough interest in the community to
maintain their own variants.

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