[maemo-users] Opera Mini for maemo?

From: Eugene Antimirov turist at gmail.com
Date: Sat Aug 23 00:43:31 EEST 2008
Hi all!

Is there any way to get Opera Mini working on maemo? It seems there
is no any. The only reason to use it on a device with full Mozilla onboard
is to save traffic - Opera uses its own content processing server to
clean/sanitize html page and the economy is very big - up to 10 times
for usual page. I'm not sure about prices in all countries, but mobile Internet
is an expensive almost everywhere.

Nokia has its own decisions regarding J2ME package for maemo, there is
no any.

So there are two approcates I considered:
1.  Install Jalimo(full Java port for maemo), then install Micro-emulator on it,
then install Opera Mini. Pretty huge for a small application less than 100kb
size. Never tried.
2. Capture traffic for Opera Mini, reverse its proxy's protocol and use it from
maemo's browser through some settings. Sounds great but the idea failed.
Citing wikipedia, Opera Mini not only compresses its data between the
proxy server. The data itself is not a usual HTML, it's clled OBML, where "B"
stands for binary. I tried it but could not decrypt it and google has
not helped.
I can provide .pcap files for several HTTP sessions.

So my question is if there are people who know how to have an equivalent for
Opera Mini on maemo? May be there are some other(free) web page
sanitizing proxies?
Or other suggestions?



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