[maemo-users] Wifi name

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Mon Aug 25 18:00:26 EEST 2008
Jeffrey Barish wrote:
> My router reports that my N800 is connected by Wifi, but the name that it
> reports is "unknown".  Is there a way to assign a name by which the N800
> will be known to the router?
It should be picking up the name from the router.  You did set it there, 
didn't you?  Also, while on the subject, to get best security, you want 
to run WPA2 and most certainly not WEP.  While WPA is good, WPA2 is 
better.  WEP is easily broken.  Configure the router for WPA2 or 
WPA2+TKIP (may be called "Auto" or something similar), which will enable 
WPA2, while still supporting those that can only run WPA.  Anything 
running a recent version of Linux can do WPA2, as can XP with SP3.  Then 
go to one of the WPA key generator sites, such as www.grc.com (click on 
Services > Perfect Passwords and grab a key from the "63 random 
printable ASCII characters" box.  You get a new key every time you 
reload the page.) and paste it into the appropriate box in your router 
and also use it to connect to the router.

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