[maemo-users] Unzip utility for endusers

From: Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Date: Mon Dec 1 05:47:11 EET 2008
It might help if you ask in a new and separate thread, since many people 
won't see this since it's replying to a music thread.


On Sunday 30 November 2008, Lake Stevens Dental wrote:
> OK, perhaps I've missed it -- perhaps it's ready to bite my nose off
> while poking around Maemo.  As a enduser, I can't find an unzip
> program that works with a single click to unzip downloaded files. Is
> there one? Or am I missing something when it comes to using it?
>  Yes, there's unzip utility I downloaded from Maemo that apparently
> works at the command line mode -- it's got 5 stars (from some self
> appointed linux command line geek reviewers).  However, for most end
> users stepping back into command line world is like purposely
> stepping in dog poo then walking over your living room carpet.
>   I figured unzip would work with the native FileManager so that when
> I clicked on a zip file, FM would automatically open the file with
> unzip. But no, after installing unzip, when clicking on a file.zip in
> FM, I get to choose what program to use to unzip, without unzip being
> listed as a choice.  However, from FM, I can select xterm and access
> the command line, and access unzip, but hey, forgive me linux nerds,
> virtually all end-users kissed their command line bye bye back in the
> early 90s...
>   Is there some simple click and unzip utility for the tablets? Or do
> I have to walk thru the stinky side of linux command line to unzip a
> file?

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