[maemo-users] Music Player Exasperation

From: Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Date: Mon Dec 1 05:49:52 EET 2008
Just a note to all who responded or are reading this topic:

I've gotten a few responses privately, but it seems people are 
forgetting to reply to the list instead of to me.

So far the best solution is that I wrote a Perl script to go through my 
entire music collection (which is all in flac, as I've said) and rename 
each file so the track number precedes the track title.  It works for 
now, but there's still a deficiency in media players that it leaves 

Someone suggested using MPlayer, but that only lets me load one song at 
a time, which simply won't work for a music player in most 
circumstances.  (For example, I'm listening at the gym and don't want to 
take my hands off the elliptical machine to punch in stuff while I'm 
hot, sweaty, and not able to focus too well on my N800.


On Sunday 30 November 2008, Hal Vaughan wrote:
> I'm frustrated with the music players available for my N800 and home
> I'm just not getting something basic.  First, before I go into
> feature issues, I'm using FLAC files.  I've ripped my entire CD
> collection to flac on my LAN so I keep it lossless and want to copy
> those files to an SD card so I can play them on my N800.  I do have a
> number of old time radio shows in MP3, but those aren't an issue.
> I've tried KMPlayer, but it won't let me edit playlists like it
> claims to.   I'm using MediaBoxMediaCenter for now.  I've tried UKMP
> and it doesn't do flac as is the problem with several others.
> I don't want much, but I'd like to be able to copy my flac files,
> which I know have all the tags in them, to the SD card, then play
> that album on a music player with the tracks in order.  I can't
> remember the track order on my own and don't want to have to go
> through, each time I copy an album, and sort the tracks.  I just want
> to be able to load a media player, say, "This is the directory, be a
> nice program and add all the tracks," then have it play the album
> tracks in order.  (It's a major pain to have to add each track of a
> symphony or all of "Wish You Were Here", for examples, to a playlist
> EVERY TIME I start MBMC and in some cases I can't remember track
> order until I listen to it.)
> Is there a music player for the N800 that plays flac and is aware of
> track sequence for an album so if I have an album on the SD card,
> it's easy to get them to play back in order?
> I'm rather surprised I haven't seen that on the players I've looked
> at.
> Thanks!
> Hal

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