[maemo-users] Limited life of flash memory

From: James Knott james.knott at rogers.com
Date: Tue Dec 2 00:45:29 EET 2008
Sirio Negri wrote:
> Hi all! I found some days ago a few articles about the limited life of
> flash memory, specially for usb pendrive. The problem seems to be the
> limited times you can write on it. Does it exist also for rs-mmc?
> I know that the limit is very high (around 10 million of times) and it's
> not a big problem for a normal user. But if you install an OS on it,
> like on my Nokia 770, I think that the use of the memory card is bigger
> and, if there is that problem, its life is shorter.
> Thanks all for any info on it.
> Sirio Negri
I don't have it handy, but a while ago I read an article that said you
could expect one of those to have longer live than a regular hard drive.

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