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From: Aniello Del Sorbo anidel at gmail.com
Date: Sat Dec 20 02:20:42 EET 2008
Thanks.This is the best review/comparison I've ever read about the two.
And perfectly describes my feeling about the Apple products.


2008/12/19 lakestevensdental <lakestevensdental at verizon.net>

> As luck would have it, I recently came across an Ipod Touch 8G as a
> promo for participating in an online continuing ed podcast deal.  After
> week or so of playing around with in and my n800, I figure it might be
> useful to share my experiences and comparison of both units.  I've had
> my n800 since spring 07.
>  First off, the Ipod Touch is much sleeker design.  Big enough to view,
> small enough for the average pocket.  However, as part of this, it
> sacrifices the stand and stereo speakers of the n800 that I find useful
> to listen to podcasts while eating breakfast viewing some web/rss page.
>  The Touch's interface is also more 'fun' to use, although it's no where
> near as user configurable.  The motion sensitivity is nice as it self
> adjusts for vertical or horizontal viewing.  The ablity to zoom in or
> out with two finger touch screen sensitivity  is very nice.   The Touch
> screen keyboard is nothing to jump up and down about.  I found the n800s
> touch keyboard is easier to use. I miss the stylus on the Touch.
>  The Touch's Safari browser is a bit faster opening pages and generally
> does a slightly better job at YouTubing.  Safari also routinely opens
> pages in mobile format if that option is provided by the web site.  I'm
> not sure I always like this.  There seem to be some webpages that Safari
> doesn't handle well that the n800 browser plows thru just fine.
>  The Touch's (free and $) games are numerous and generally higher
> quality fun than n8x0 games, at least for the teen crowd.  The Touch
> does a decent job playing video podcasts.  It automatically sets
> bookmarks so you can pick up a podcast where you left off, days later,
> after you've viewed a lot of other 'stuff'.  I'm not sure any of the
> internet tablet's numerous players and interfaces do this very well.
> The Touch games (free and otherwise) don't do much for me. I've
> downloaded and played several -- splurged $5 for one game, a whole $ for
> another.   The motion sensitive games are kind of cool, if you're into
> that sort of thing.  I'm well adapted to the simple brain teasers
> puzzles and solitaire games on my n8x0, although I know there are other
> more arcade like n800 games out there.  Having a central Apple 'store'
> for shopping and downloading games makes it really easy to 'buy' apps
> and tunes.  One click pays and downloads.  Which helps move product
> along -- even if it's only a buck here or there... Supposedly, this
> helps produce higher quality apps and a broader growing marketplace.
>  In summary, the Touch is well designed for it's marketing niche.  That
> all said, I'm going to stick with the n8x0 and give the Touch to my teen
> age son.  It's a matter of what you use these 'gadgets' for.
>  I've not found the Touch to be very weak for RSS news browsing, which
> is perhaps my primary use for my n800.    The n8x0 Claws email is much
> better suited for my use than the Touch's email program.  Also, I
> haven't figured out if there is a way to sync my Touch with Google
> Calendars as I have with my n8x0.  I also regularly do wireless file
> transfers to and from my n800 and my (Windows) LAN, which is verbotten
> on the iTouch.  I also occasionally have used my n800 to help show
> patients xRays on my n800 via remote viewing of one of the clinic PCs.
> Nothing like that is available on the Touch.
>  While a PC can detect a connected Ipod Touch, you can't interact with
> the Touch via file manager so far as I've figured out.  Everything
> between PC and Touch has to be done thru iTunes.  Basically, there no
> 'enduser' interaction with the inner workings of the iTouch.   At least
> not unless you are willing to 'break' the various software locks that
> the iTouch has to protect it's proprietary nature.
>  Bottomline, the closed proprietary nature of the iTouch is both it's
> strength and weakness. It's like owning a car that you can't open up the
> hood on.  This is fine for some users, not for others.  For me, this
> makes the Touch more like a very nice toy, verses the n8x0, which is is
> more a of "tool" that can really do things.  I'm more of a tool junky...
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