[maemo-users] Itouch v N8x0

From: Gary gary at eyetraxx.net
Date: Sat Dec 20 05:23:32 EET 2008
Matt Emson wrote:
> This is entirely the reason not to bother comparing anything but the
> N800 without hacking or changing of "out of the box" purpose.

One could easily argue that several aspects of the tablet, including
red pill mode, are much the same as a pwned iPhone. I own both devices
and I use them both extensively. I've found that due to its size, the
iPhone is the device that gets put in my pocket more often and
therefore ends up being a portable google maps, note taker, gaming
device, video player (resume is excellent inside the ipod app) etc.
Also, as pointed out previously, network file sharing from the iPhone
are available from several apps like DataCase or AirSharing.

However, if I have serious work to do then I open up my Bluetooth
keyboard and use my tablet with SSH, vpnc, rdesktop, etc. I also find
the occasional Flash site that I can only access from my tablet. I
also find that the word hints with the virtual keyboard sometimes
makes for much faster typing than either with my BT keyboard or using
my thumb on my iPhone.

As a long time unix sysadmin, I've become accustomed to both closed
and open systems (hardware, firmware, OS, etc) and they both have
their advantages over each other. I think it's more of a personal
preference the same way some prefer European or Asian cars over
American cars. I can say this, though; if I hadn't already been an
AT&T customer with a data plan I might have bought an iPod Touch or
Android device instead of a 3G iPhone. I didn't buy the 1st gen iPhone
because I had to have the slightly faster network speed as an option
even though I often leave the 3G and GPS radios turned off.

Also, I'd have been hard pressed to by a Nokia tablet were netbooks on
the market at the time I bought my N700 and N800s... esp. now that
some of them are down to US$300.


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