[maemo-users] Itouch v N8x0

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Tue Dec 23 01:51:27 EET 2008
On Monday 22 December 2008 19:13:02 Matt Emson wrote:
> > I know that my N800 can't power
> > USB memory drives,
> Works for me. Maybe it's size related? I've mounted unpowered USB keys
> (Americans would say "thumb drive"  I'm guessing) up to 2Gb. The only brand
> I remember ottomh is PNY, which would have been 1Gb. I used a 64Gb one to
> stream video once (choppy as hell, but it sort of worked..)

I can't play MP3's off a USB connected drive.  My N810 can play MP3's off my 
local memory cards and I can copy files to/from USB attached drives with no 
problems.  But I can't play MP3's off the USB attached drives: the sound is 
completely chopped up and incomprehensible.

I assumed that there was some common bus involved in passing data to/from the 
DSP and in accessing the USB so you effectively couldn't do both at the same 
time without exceeding the bandwidth of the bus.  Anyone know if that is 


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