[maemo-users] Itouch v N8x0

From: kenneth marken kemarken at broadpark.no
Date: Tue Dec 23 03:57:55 EET 2008
lakestevensdental wrote:
> kenneth marken wrote:
>> lakestevensdental wrote:
>>> Rick Bilonick wrote:
>>>> I could not agree more! I wouldn't buy a car from a manufacturer that
>>>> forced me to buy batteries, tires, service, etc. from it.
>>> Actually, the Apple app store is full of software from a variety of 
>>> sources -- many free, many not.  Like Maemo, it's a central clearing 
>>> house for software that is deemed suitable for the device of interest. 
>>> For example, (and one of my peeves about the n800), the App Store has a 
>>> program/service called Epocrates for medical folks to use to check on 
>>> drugs, interactions and more.  There's a free download for the Ipod 
>>> Touch, as well as a paid advanced service/program from the same folks. 
>>> The same software is available for Blackberries and several other 
>>> internet phone devices.   However, there has NOT been a port to the n8x0 
>>> series so far as I can tell.  This software is self-contained so it 
>>> works with and without wifi connection.   You can get a wifi Epocrates 
>>> on the n800 in the browser, but you can't use it off the net as the data 
>>> is not resident on the device -- at least so far as I can determine. 
>> i say you can thank media for that. they have written just about nothing 
>> on the tablet series, yet even common press writes about apple products 
>> when they usually do not cover tech outside of special columns.
>> basically i see apple as some kind of media darling. as not surprising 
>> really given how common it has been to use apple hardware to run adobe 
>> photoshop and so on. apple products and media production goes a long way 
>> back...
> This isn't necessarily an Apple Iphone/Ipod deal.  A lot of medical 
> people have Epocrates on their palm pilot device.  AND the software 
> was available before the Iphone and Itouch.
>  What undoubtably makes it work really well for developers is the App 
> Store that provides a common portal for both free and paid expanded 
> service software, as well as free and full game versions.   It just 
> makes common marketing sense that the device that has a functional 
> store where people actually buy product is going to do better at 
> attracting development than a 'repository' of free junk.  
> Always, Fred C
there is always the possibility to get the palm version going on 
garnetvm, or get nokia to host a version at their tabletter repository.

but basically, nokia nearly flatlined their presence in USA when they 
refused operators to alter the firmware on nokia phones. thats why one 
see close to no USA mobile device blog or similar talk about symbian. 
its only windows mobile, blackberry and lately iphone and android.

and this have had a impact on other nokia products as well, i guess...

sadly, it seems that all the big tech sites online are USA focused. 
gizmodo, engadget, cnet, they all write with a very USA focus. and as 
the iphone makes it big there (and compared to what was around at the 
time, it was a big thing, for that market) this is echoed around the 
world as the smaller sites pick up their news based on the "credibility" 
of the big ones, forgetting about their very slanted view (when it comes 
to mobile tech, USA has just as weird a market as japan, but in a 
somewhat different way).

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