[maemo-users] Itouch v N8x0

From: Tim Ashman tim at ashmans.net
Date: Wed Dec 24 23:38:37 EET 2008
On Wednesday 24 December 2008 12:11:27 pm Matt Emson wrote:
> On 23 Dec 2008, at 23:42, lakestevensdental wrote:
> >  I don't expect my tablet (or Itouch) to play my audio books.
> Most audiobooks I buy are from Audible. They support pretty much every
> player under the sun, and prices are not over the top.
> M

I sent an email to audible about 6 months ago asking them to either support 
maemo or publish an api so someone could write an opensource version.  They 
emailed back saying something like "we don't provide" software for each 
platform, the platform has to.  So I guess in the case of audible either 
nokia will do it under some sort of nda/binary and audible  isn't willing to 
allow it to be done in a different way.  I even tried to explain that I'm 
sure myself as well as others would purchase books through  their service if 
only it was available for my hardware platform of choice.

just two cents


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