[maemo-users] Cannot find sqlite3 for anki on n800 Diablo

From: hendrik at topoi.pooq.com hendrik at topoi.pooq.com
Date: Mon Dec 29 18:56:50 EET 2008
I'm trying to install anki on Diablo.  Now one of the packages it says 
it requires is sqlite3.  Now there's no shortage os sqlite3-related 
things.  According to gronmeyer's site, debfarm has sqlite3 (v. 
3.4.2-2).  But when I install it with the application manager, I'm told 
that it cannot proceed, because it requires libsqlite3-0(>=3.4.2).  Now 
the only relevant packages I've been able to find are:

on debfarm, correct version but wrong name:

libsqlite3-dev (v. 3.4.2-2)
libsqlite3-tcl (v. 3.4.2-2)

on Maemo Chinook, correct name but wrong version:

libsqlite3-0 (v. 3.4.1-1osso3)
libsqlite3-dev (v. 3.4.1-1osso3)

When I look at http://p.quinput.eu/debfarm/pool/, I find libsqlite-
dev_3.4.2-2_armel.deb and libsqlite3-tcl_3.4.2-2, but neither of these
show up on the application manager.  Nor does the libsqlite3-0 show up 
in the application manager.

Where can I find what I need?

-- hendrik

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