[maemo-users] installing skype on N810

From: Kevin T. Neely ktneely at astroturfgarden.com
Date: Fri Feb 1 15:54:51 EET 2008
On Thu, Jan 31, 2008 at 10:39:25PM +0100, Luca Olivetti wrote:
> En/na drfredc at drfredc.com ha escrit:
> > Not free, but pretty close.  Also, the minutes don't disappear at the 
> > end of the month... 
> According to
> http://www.gizmoproject.com/e-commerce-policies.html
> credit expires 180 days after purchase.

My gizmo page says that I purchased $10 worth of call-out credit on 27 June 2007, and I still have $6 remaining, so maybe they don't enforce this policy that aggressively.

I really like Gizmo, but I wish they would get their act together.  I feel like it could be a great service, but there are things that just aren't there, like the fact that I have never been able to log onto the support forums, even after multiple support requests and resolutions, and some, IMHO, strange design decisions in their client.  

Mostly, however, the difficulty of using Gizmo at "just any" wireless spot keeps me from taking advantage of the service.  This very well may be the same with Skype et al., but more often than not, I find myself butting up against the firewall and not being able to make a call.  I know this is more the fault of inexperienced sysadmins and sloppy installations, but that doesn't make the experience any less frustrating.

that was longer than expected,

In Vino Veritas

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