[maemo-users] Canola2 beta2 is out!

From: Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri barbieri at gmail.com
Date: Sat Feb 2 04:14:49 EET 2008
Hi guys,

Canola2 beta2 is out, fixing lots of issues reported by users and even
adding new features.

Big news are:
  - 770 support [*]
  - Settings->Media Library->Multiple album entries: utility to merge
various albums into a single one (or collection)
  - Formats: real media (.ra, .rm, .rmv...), windows media (.asf,
.wma, .wmv, ...), png
  - Improvements to podcast, better error handling
  - Various optimizations
  - Force rescan utility
  - Splash screen for faster feedback

Hope installation will be smoother this time!

More information at: http://openbossa.indt.org/canola2/

[*] 770 support: gregale is regular install, but for Hacker Edition
(bora ported to 770) you need a special proceeding (ain't you
   1) disable all repositories
   2) add the repositories:
   2.1) deb http://repository.maemo.org gregale free non-free
   2.2) deb http://repository.maemo.org/extras gregale free non-free
   3) update list
   4) install canola2
   5) remove gregale repositories
These steps are required because Hacker Edition kernel doesn't provide
inotify and we compile bora EFL packages optimized for n8xx (omap
2420, arm1136jf-s).

Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri
Jabber: barbieri at gmail.com
   MSN: barbieri at gmail.com
  ICQ#: 17249123
 Skype: gsbarbieri
Mobile: +55 (81) 9927 0010

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