[maemo-users] Canola2 beta

From: Gustavo Sverzut Barbieri barbieri at gmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 4 01:24:36 EET 2008
On Feb 3, 2008 6:31 PM, George Farris <farrisg at shaw.ca> wrote:
> Same problem as with the first beta.
> I have at least 30 albums on my flash card that the built in media
> player sees just fine.  Canola2 only shows me 7 of them.  There is
> something messed up with the way Canola finds music.
> Canola1 never had this issue.  Basically Canola2, unusable for music at
> the moment unless I'm missing some hidden feature.  Yes I did enable
> Canola2 to look at my flash card by the way, have rebooted nothing
> works.

This is really weird, we do almost the same, the only change is that
we now kill the scanning process if it take too long to reply (ie:

Since 30 albums is too much to request for testing, you'll have to try
some commands there to see if it helps:

1 - Increase time to kill scanner:
     cnl-set-prefs canolad slave_timeout 10000
2 - Decrease number of files processed in each transaction:
     cnl-set-prefs canolad commit_interval 1
3 - shutdown canolad and start it with log:
      canolad stop
      canolad start -vv --logfile=/home/user/canolad.log

Report if it helped and the 2 generated files (yes, you need the 2>
redirection too).

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