[maemo-users] Text editor with acceptable refresh speed?

From: Damien Challet dchallet at onetel.com
Date: Tue Feb 5 09:54:05 EET 2008
> IMHO, most of the current crop of text editors that I've run across are
> throw backs to the way early 80s -- barely more than what some computer
> prof might assign as a weekend programming project for a first year
> student to create.   A big advance would be something that comes close
> to the first edition of Wordpad on Windows in the early 90s, which
> handled rich text.  There's an editor that attempts to create html text,
> but it's sort of inadequate, even for that, in my limited experience
> fooling around with it.

I do not mind their limited functionality, but their slowness is awful.

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