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From: DrFredC.com drfredc at drfredc.com
Date: Wed Feb 6 19:07:32 EET 2008
The n800 with OS2008 works well with most every single ear/mic bluetooth 
headset I've used. Pairs with USB blue tooth dongles for laptops that 
are now running less than $10 a unit.  Connects with bluetooth phones 
easily for pushing files to your phone.  It's supposedly the same in the 
n810 -- same OS.  All the audio goes thru to the bluetooth headset when 
they are paired.  You can walk around most of the house without losing 
bluetooth connection between your earpiece and tablet. 

Fine print -- I don't know about stereo bluetooth headsets playing 
stereo or audio quality of the stereo signal, if it's in stereo...

Also, if you've got a lot of bluetooth devices in the house that you've 
connected to, they all can show up on your bluetooth neighborhood if 
they are active.

    * I'm not sure what the tablet's power comsumption issues having a
      robust bluetooth neighborhood might be.  It seems it could be
    * I also noted that my laptop with a bluetooth dongle was picked up
      by my n800 and, after pairing up, using the file manager on my
      n800, I was able to move files around on my wife's laptop thru the
      house wireless LAN thru the bluetooth to my laptop which is on the
      house wireless LAN.  I also grabbed some mp3s and moved them to my
      tablet. It wasn't a real fast transfer, but workable. 
    * If my son is using his bluetooth headset with his laptop dongle, I
      can also connect to his laptop in his bedroom thru bluetooth if he
      returns the pairing code. 
    * Supposedly, I might be able to pair with his headset in his
      bedroom if its not already paired with his laptop dongle and is
      put into discovery mode and I grab it before he pairs with it on
      his laptop.
    * I can pick up his cell phone's bluetooth if it's on, ditto for my
      cell phone.  You can transfer files between the tablet and phone
      and phone's micro SD card via bluetooth.  Works to put mp3s on the
      phone to make it an MP3 player.  I'm not sure about audio
      bluetooth hookup with the phone -- I've not gone there.  We don't
      have data services enabled, so I've not gone there...  I recall
      when connecting my phone to my laptop via bluetooth, there may
      have been icons for audio in the phone's bluetooth list. 

Again, I'm not sure of the tablet's power comsumption for all this 
bluetooth activity.  Could be high with so much bluetooth stuff going 

Jeffrey Mark Siskind wrote:
> Will the N810 work with a bluetooth headset? Can it redirect all audio in/out
> to a bluetooth headset? Can skype on the N810 work with a bluetooth headset?
> Is A2DP supported?
>     Jeff (http://www.ece.purdue.edu/~qobi)
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