[maemo-users] switching windows

From: Jeffrey Mark Siskind qobi at purdue.edu
Date: Wed Feb 6 19:45:32 EET 2008
   > Then I did:
   > $ rm -rf /home/user/.osso
   > Then I rebooted.

   Why?  I don't think either of these should be required,
   once you install the .desktop file, AFAIK it should show
   up in the applications menu.

(Just so you know...)

I went to:

Clicked on "example source package" to download:

Then when to:

which said:
To see the Task navigator plugin, you need to remove the .osso directory in your home directory so that the configuration files are re-created.

I did that but then the desktop was all messed up. So I rebooted.

(If the docs are in error, perhaps they should be fixed.)

    Jeff (http://www.ece.purdue.edu/~qobi)

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