[maemo-users] Newbie Windows/Python Question

From: Lauro Moura lauro.neto at openbossa.org
Date: Thu Feb 7 20:04:39 EET 2008
On 2/7/08, Michael Conklin <michael.conklin131 at gmail.com> wrote:
> I just got a N800 and would really like to install an app that syncs the GPE
> calendar with my Gmail calendar. Unfortunately, this application depends on
> Pymaemo 2.5 being installed and the installation instructions for that are
> completely undecipherable for someone who has never used Unix/Linux.  Is it
> possible to point me to some Windows specific instructions.  I am competent
> in the Windows environment, command line usage, and even fortran programming
> (not that it matters in this case - it's just that it doesn't have to be
> point and click instructions).

Michael, did you see pymaemo instructions? [1]

If this app is correctly packaged after configuring python
repositories (before that sudo flasher command) you'll only need to
install it (the app) so that the application installer will track the
dependencies and install python automatically.

[1] http://pymaemo.garage.maemo.org/installation.html

Lauro Moura
INdT - Instituto Nokia de Tecnologia

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