[maemo-users] /media/mmc2 on n810

From: Graham Cobb g+770 at cobb.uk.net
Date: Thu Feb 7 19:37:28 EET 2008
On Thursday 07 February 2008 16:49:53 Jeffrey Mark Siskind wrote:
> The n810 comes with the internal flash (/media/mmc2) formatted as FAT32. It
> came with two directories (Video and map) and one file .apt-archive-cache.
>  1. Will reflashing OS2008 with:
>     ./flasher-3.0 -F RX-44_2008SE_1.2007.42-18_PR_COMBINED_MR0_ARM.bin -f
> -R
>     reinitialize the internal flash?

I don't think so.

>  2. If so, how do I prevent it from doing so?
>     If not, how do I recover the default contents if I want to?

I copied them off the device (I created a tar file on a memory card in the 
external slot and then copied the tar file off and saved it on my desktop 

>  3. Does anything in the standard software rely on the fact that the
> internal flash have a single partition formatted as FAT32? Can I safely
> repartition and reformat (as ext{2,3})? Can I put a swap partition on the
> internal flash?

What I did was repartition the internal card, leaving the first partition as 
FAT32.  In my case I created two additional ext2 partitions but you can do 
anything you like with the rest of the space.  I used the built in utility to 
create a swap file on the FAT32 partition.

>  4. In noticed that the default /etc/fstab has an entry for the internal
> flash (as /media/mmc1) that is hardwired for vfat with a whole lot of
> options. Is any of that crucial? Can I remove/change that entry if I
>     reformat/repartition?

I left it there.  The GUI sees the (now smaller) vfat partition as 
the "internal memory card".  I have added /etc/fstab entries as needed for my 
extra partitions.

By the way, I have done the same sort of thing with the external memory card I 
use in the device: I have setup the first partition as VFAT, so the device 
can access it as normal, and I have other partitions for other purposes which 
I mount as necessary.


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