[maemo-users] NFS - must insmod after every boot

From: Tilman Vogel tilman.vogel at web.de
Date: Fri Feb 8 11:57:39 EET 2008
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Jeffrey Barish schrieb:
> I find that I have to execute the 3 insmod instructions every time I boot. 
> It was sufficient to run them only once before I upgraded to OS2008 (on an
> N800).  Is there an easy way to make the installation permanent so that I
> don't have to run these commands every time?  I suppose that I could put
> them in a script that runs whenever I boot, but I did not need to do that
> on OS2007.

That's a bit hard to believe because the kernel doesn't remember which
modules were loaded before shutdown and so it can't reload them on boot
up. In principle there is an autoloading facility for device drivers
using modprobe/depmod but I don't think it is used on the tablets and it
wouldn't help with NFS either.

So, I think the proper way to make the installation permanent is
actually to put the insmod lines into a script run at boot time (e.g. at
the end of /etc/init.d/rcS).

No idea which magic did this for you on OS2007. Maybe some package
modifies the init files such as to load the modules?


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