[maemo-users] Nokia N810 PIM

From: Jason Edgecombe jason at rampaginggeek.com
Date: Fri Feb 8 16:16:19 EET 2008
Peter Hickey wrote:
> Hi,
> A couple of quick question from someone who has just upgraded from a 
> Palm Tx to a N810.
> 1. I am hoping someone can point me to a good Personal information 
> manager and address book that I could use to get updates from google 
> calendar.
> 2. Can I install open office or similar Doc reader on my n810.
> 3. Is there anyway to make a template up that I can either email or 
> update a web page from my N810. I am looking and creating
> a template document for listing my jobs completed so they can be passed 
> onto Myob for the accounts people.
> If there is anyone out there who also has a palm background who is now 
> using a N810 I would love to chat. Maybe even a Skype call or two.
1. The GPE tools are your best bet. You'll need to add the repository.
On your n810, go to
http://www.gronmayer.com/it/index.php?lang=en&system=maemo4 and click on
OS2008, then search for GPE. Click on the install icon for the
repository that has GPE. After that go into application manager, browse
installable apps and install all of the gpe apps.

For syncing with Google calendare, try this:

2. Not yet. There is a notes editor and a pdf viewer. OpenOffice is too big.
3. I think that the claws email client has templates. Search for claws
on the gronmayer site.

I've been using Palms for 5+ years. I am still trying to switch from my
Palm m130 to my N800, but I've hit the following road blocks:
1. Getting GPE calendar to sync with my MS Exchange calendar is a
challenge even for a linux veteran like myself.
2. GPE Calendar doesn't know how to use the built-in N800/810 wake-up
feature so it can only alert you for appointments if it's on. The
wake-up software is called "alarm" and can be used to wake-up the
N800/810 at a certain time, even if it's off, but few if any apps use
it. There is a command-line alarm program to set wakeup events that run
a command.

Don't get me wrong, I love my N800. It's just needs more software to
truly realize it's full potential and that software still needs to be
written. Thankfully, anyone with linux development experience can
develop for the device.

For now, I'm carrying my Palm, N800, and my Cellphone to work. I have a
good start on a batman-like utility belt. I'll ditch my Palm once I get
a decent Exchange calendar synchronization solution working.

You could also try the Garnet VM which is a Palm emulator for the
N800/N810, but it's a time-limited beta.


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