[maemo-users] NFS - must insmod after every boot

From: Jeffrey Barish jeff_barish at earthlink.net
Date: Fri Feb 8 17:57:04 EET 2008
Tilman Vogel wrote:

> That's a bit hard to believe because the kernel doesn't remember which
> modules were loaded before shutdown and so it can't reload them on boot
> up.

In that case, I must have made a change before that I forgot about.  It's
too bad these modifications are obliterated by the installation of a new

I think what I should do is put the insmod commands in a script that lives
in user's home directory.  There is a better chance then that I will
remember to back it up before I install OS2009.  I always had to mount my
desktop system manually anyway, so having to run the script first is not
that much worse.  In fact, I suppose that I could put the mount command in
the same script, in which case the inconvenience factor will be exactly the
same as it was before.
Jeffrey Barish

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