[maemo-users] Newbie Windows/Python Question

From: Kevin T. Neely ktneely at astroturfgarden.com
Date: Fri Feb 8 17:56:11 EET 2008
On Thu, Feb 07, 2008 at 10:24:54PM -0800, DrFredC.com wrote:
> OOOH Boy, some secret decoder ring stuff.  Only problem, it's in secret 
> decoder ring lingo.

It is not difficult at all.  A bit of searching and reading will give you what you need.  The OP wanted to install some software that is not directly available through the default repositories.  To do so, you have to go a bit off the beaten path.  If this is not for the OP, or for you, then just stay away from it and be happy with the apps that are available for the tablet.  They are many and varied and of great quality.  You will be happy.

>     * To many folks a terminal is where you get on a train.   Or what an
>       antique command line computer monitor is called. Could you
>       possibly reduce confusion by actually selecting a common standard


>     * Install openssh -- why?   Where do you get this program? Does it
>       show in app manager's list of installable programs? 

Because it is how I gain root access.  there are other methods, bit this is the way I do it.  You can skin a cat in your own preferred method, if you wish.  The OP asked for help, and I gave would I could recall.

To find it, I would go to, oh I don't know, garage.maemo.org and search for the term 'openssh'.  It's sure to come up.  And even if it didn't, I would then just google for the terms 'openssh' and 'maemo' and maybe 'OS2008'.  It is sure to come up.  Don't make this more difficult than it is.

>     * Create a Password?  I gather this secret decoder ring assumes
>       you've started up some program that asks for a password?  Is this

It's not a secret, not a ring, and not a difficult process.  The install will ask you to create a password.  Create one, then use it later.  Not rocket science.  Not even earth science.

>     *  Oh, ssh... I'll be real quiet... This is supposed to do what? 
>       Get me to root at localhost...   Why not just email this root dude
>       and have Mr root clear this all up on his own?  Why does Mr root

Root needs a password because he can do *anything* on your tablet.  To not have a password is a Bad Idea [TM].

>     *   Type in Sudo apt-get install <some programs>...  Uh, yeah...  Do
>       you really expect regular people with day jobs to get this far? 

I certainly do.  I'm a "regular" person with a day job.  To figure this out the first time, I spent maybe 15minutes with google to find the packages I needed.  The OP already posted the packages he needs, so <some programs> gets replaced with the ones he needs.  For most things, it takes me less time to learn what I need than it did for you to type this message.

> This makes about as much sense as saying there's global warming when 
> there's record snow and cold all over the place.

You're kidding me, right?  Oh, I get it, you are being ironic!  What you meant to say was "If I spend the time to figure this out now, my overall efficiency will increase and pay dividends that far surpass the original investment".  

> OK, sure this stuff below all makes perfect sense to folks who are part 
> of the secret decoder ring club, but to those of us outside of the Club 

I am in no club, but I have used computers for years.  When I encounter something I don't know about, I tend to read up on it and learn it.  The OP said he was an experienced computer user and had used the command line plenty, but not experienced in using linux.  My response provided the framework the OP needed to install the packages.  

> it's largely just a bunch of jibberish. And these folks wonder why Linux 
> hasn't taken over the world... 

I recognize this statement for the flame trap it is, just let me say that the OP wanted to go  beyond the basics.  No matter what operating system you use, doing this will require some extra effort.

hope that provides some needed clarity,

In Vino Veritas

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