[maemo-users] Nokia N810 PIM

From: Tommy Persson tpe at ida.liu.se
Date: Sat Feb 9 01:31:26 EET 2008
Graham Cobb <g+770 at cobb.uk.net> writes:

> In an emergency you could install "unzip" and then unzip the backup files by 
> hand and copy the data files.  Alternatively, if you are paranoid, you can 
> copy the GPE data yourself onto a memory card.  The data is in a hidden 
> directory, so you can't use the GUI, but you can do it from an X Terminal -- 
> you would copy everything in the ~/.gpe directory.

Good to know and I will probably do a manual copy sometimes. I am
regularly logging in to update the data I have in subversion so no
problem with that.

I think GPE will suit my needs very well. I especially liked that you
can have more than one category for an item and I assume that you can
have unlimited number of categoried (compated to the 16 I am used to).

/Tommy Persson

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