[maemo-users] New member...new help understanding how to download, and install apps....

From: Karl Eichwalder ke at gnu.franken.de
Date: Sat Feb 9 20:09:03 EET 2008
> Just received my N800 Friday, I have a question regarding downloading, and
> installing applications.  I'm currently trying to download a SSH client
> server app, 'Dropbear', I've tried downloading the .deb file from Dropbear
> site tried to install to no avail, then tried downloading .tar.gz file
> same thing - what am I doing wrong????

I just went for openssh on my N810 (the same software should work on your
N800, if you run the latest "firmware").  I basically did:

1/ Enable "Red Pill" mode:

2/ Add the Maemo 4 Chinook SDK tools repository:

3/ Install openssh using the Application Manager.

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