[maemo-users] Ogg-Music sounds distorted with various audio players

From: Klaus Rotter klaus at rotters.de
Date: Mon Feb 11 18:55:01 EET 2008

I have tried a number of different audio players (KMplayer, UKMP, 
Kilikali and even YouAmp) and all had the same problem: Ogg files (most 
are mono 44,1 KHz with low bit rates, about 35-40 kbit/s) sound 
distorted with them. It is a bit like a smooth overdrive. The funny 
thing is, that the build in media player (Nokias) doesn't have this 
problem. I didn't want to use it, because it gets slow with a huge 
number of .ogg files. An other problem is, that Nokias media player now 
scans also all audio files of the build-in map application, which are 
also ogg files.
Canola doesn't find any ogg file.

Any ideas?

  Klaus Rotter * klaus at rotters dot de * www.rotters.de

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