[maemo-users] Hosed 810's internal 2G flash drive...

From: Tilman Vogel tilman.vogel at web.de
Date: Tue Feb 12 19:38:33 EET 2008
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Eero Tamminen schrieb:
> Better to first check from mount output which MMC is which, one could
> easily confuse them when needing to use /media/mmc*/ path for one and
> /dev/ device name for another command.  Having swap as file on corrupted
> mmc file system could have "interesting effects". :-)

Absolutely, but I would highly recommend to unmount the damaged fs
before checking anyway. And then the remaining /media/mmc* can be used
for swap (assuming you didn't produce simultaneous corruption, or you
fixed the one on the external card on your computer already).

>> Then the fsck has enough memory.
> I've looked a bit into its memory usage and beside the constant overhead
> that is relative to the card size, FAT fsck memory usage is also
> dependent on how many directory entries (i.e. subdirectories and files)
> you have on a card so sometimes you might need more memory.

Yes, it seems to be quite greedy for the internal card with the Map data
on it.


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