[maemo-users] N810: Not unlocking but crashing on slide open or unlock in offline mode

From: Tilman Vogel tilman.vogel at web.de
Date: Tue Feb 12 20:35:52 EET 2008
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I think I am experiencing a bug and want to ask for confirmation by others:

It doesn't always happen and it seems to depend on step 4 below. But its
often enought to be extremely annoying. My problematic procedure:

1. close the keyboard slide
2. switch to Offline Mode from the power switch menu
3. lock the screen using the lock switch
4. put it in your pocket, wait a while
5. take it out of your pocket: the screen is off, the LED is blinking
   blue to indicate standby
6. open the keyboard slide or move the lock switch

Usually in "Normal Mode", this will immediately unlock screen and
keyboard, light up the screen and make the LED go off.

When the bug occurs, the screen will only light up dim, after a longer
than usual delay, the "unlocked" message will pop up. Screen will be
unlocked. Keyboard will still be locked. The LED will still blink blue!

If you have set a code, the code can be entered, but nothing happens on

And after a few seconds, the device is likely to reboot.

This is with the latest OS2008

Can anybody confirm this behaviour?



PS. For those who think "Why is he going offline anyway?": I am using
automatic PPTP VPN log on at work but it seems this drains the battery
quite quickly, so I go offline when I don't need it...

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