[maemo-users] Nokia N800 as a Home Control Component

From: John Holmblad jholmblad at acadiasecurenets.com
Date: Wed Feb 13 02:19:45 EET 2008

fyi. A US based company, Colorado V-Net apparently has ported their Home 
control technology to work with the Nokia Internet Tablet. Here is the 
url to the www page for a www site associated with CEPro magazine that 
shows the device in action.


Note the quotation in the sidebar:

>     It looks suspiciously like a Nokia N800, one of the hottest new
>     handhelds for home control.

Just a few days ago I had corresponded with the company to make 
precisely that recommendation, i.e.

>     4. The Nokia 800/810 can be configured with a VNC client to
>     connect to LInux servers, in addition to the Remote Desktop client
>     for connection to Microsoft Windows Servers. Is there a way to
>     connect your linux based control system to the home network so
>     that a customer with a device like the N800 could connect in from
>     the Internet (say over an IPSEC or SSL VPN?) and control their
>     home system (e.g. climate/kighting/security) remotely using this
>     method? If not, have you implemented some other method of remote
>     support?

Here is the url to the www site for Colorado V-Net which also has a 
Zigbee based wireless lighting control solution:


Colorado Vnet is founded by the same individual who, some years ago, 
founded Colorado Memory Systems.


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