[maemo-users] What is Best practice for Battery Longevity on N8X0?

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Thu Feb 14 11:38:45 EET 2008
Igor Stoppa wrote:
> - n800 and n810 have the same battery capacity, but due to few hw
> bugfixes, the projected idle time is not the same (bear in mind that
> this is much more than what is advertised since the advertisement takes
> into account also possible variances in the components batches and
> anyway it's unlikely that the tablet stays unused for so long ;)

I actually got one spare N810 (thanks Quim :-) so I hope I will make 
similar tests with it until I find better use for it or I break my 
primary one. If anyone here is interested in some specific test I can 
run, let me know. I don't have any precise measuring tools so it must be 
done in software. I think someone done something listenin to d-bus 
events and reporting battery percentage. I plan to test at least 
efficiency of mp3 playback with CPU/DSP at 330/220 vs 400/165.

> n800: 18 days
> n810: 27 days

Impressive, any details where the savings were done? Is this strictly HW 
related and the n800 has same OS2008 version as N810?

> Note that this is measured with no connection/extra sw installed or
> applications running.
The default setting for new device is glowing blue led when device is in 
standby, are those 27 days measured with glowing blue led? Do the LEDs 
in N810 still eat CPU power when blinking?


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