[maemo-users] What is Best practice for Battery Longevity on N8X0?

From: Frantisek Dufka dufkaf at seznam.cz
Date: Thu Feb 14 15:08:48 EET 2008
Igor Stoppa wrote:
>>> n800: 18 days
>>> n810: 27 days
>> Impressive, any details where the savings were done? Is this strictly HW 
>> related and the n800 has same OS2008 version as N810?
> it's both hw and sw; the sw part is about fixing wrong settings in muxing,
> pullup&pulldown and disabling voltage regulators when not in use or OMAP
> is in retention.

Just to confirm, these 18 days are already on N800 with OS2008 and with 
those sw issues fixed?

>>  Do the LEDs 
>> in N810 still eat CPU power when blinking?
> No, there is a dedicated, programmable chip, nickname NJoy, which takes
> care of it. A similar one is in the keyboard controlled and provides
> backlighting.
> I posted some time ago a link to the public (and complete!) datasheet on
> ITT, in the easter egg thread, iirc.

Found it, thanks, here are the links


The page http://www.national.com/pf/LP/LP5521.html mentions also
"Comprehensive application tools are available, including command 
compiler for easy LED sequence programming." but there is no download 
link. One perhaps needs to contact them and this complier may not be 
free (as beer).


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