[maemo-users] xournal and gnumeric not playing along (OS2008)

From: Thomas Schmidt tschmidt at debian.org
Date: Sat Feb 16 17:09:09 EET 2008

Am Donnerstag, den 14.02.2008, 21:08 -0500 schrieb Michael Wiktowy: 
> It seems that after installing xournal (from mango.dia.unisa.it),
> gnumeric (from repository.meamo.org) does not install cleanly (or vice
> versa) since xournal uses libart-2.0 (via libgnomeprint2.2 dependancy)
> and gnumeric uses libart-2.0-2 (via libgoffice-0-6 dependancy). At
> least that is what I am decyphering from the error output of apt-get
> -f install and apt-get remove libart-2.0. Could the packagers of these
> two apps agree on a common package name so that one could install both
> at once and not have both libarts stomping all over one another in
> providing /usr/lib/libart_1gpl1_2.so.2?

This is a well-known problem, i allready contacted Anidel, the
maintainer of the xournal-packages, because of this issue a while ago,
he ageed that it would be the best to rebuild xournal to use the
libart-packages from extras-devel (these packages are direct backports
from Debian) instead of his own version.

I do not know what the current status of this process is, my last
contact with Anidel regarding this issue was about two weeks ago.

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