[maemo-users] maemo publishr 0.5 - upload to Flickr/Picasa

From: Jayesh Salvi jayesh at altfrequency.com
Date: Sun Feb 17 20:43:33 EET 2008
Hi list,

I have released the next version of Maemo publishr. You can use it for
uploading images from n770/n800/n810 to your Flickr or Picasa accounts.

You can download it from here<http://code.google.com/p/altcanvas/downloads/list>

More info on wiki <http://code.google.com/p/altcanvas/wiki/MaemoPublishr>.
Changelog for 0.5

This version has many improvements in GUI, so that generic upload use-case
is accomplished very fast on a tablet like Maemo.
Also this version allows mass upload of images. The GUI needs more work for
that use-case, that's coming in next version.

Thanks to everyone who blogged so favorably about this last time and
provided useful feedback.

More feedback is welcome!

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