[maemo-users] WSJ + Action Engine + Nokia?

From: John Holmblad jholmblad at acadiasecurenets.com
Date: Mon Feb 18 00:40:42 EET 2008

the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) has introduced a version of its online 
content that is optimized for small screen devices but, initially, 
available only on Windows Mobile Based devices. Here is the url to the 
www page that discusses the new service:


The company behind this offering is Action Engine and here is the url to 
their www site:


I notice that, on the Action Engine partners www page, whose url is


Nokia is listed as a partner.

It would be nice if Nokia, to further promote the Internet Tablet 
product family for business users and through their partnership with 
this company could get a version of this portal access application, 
similar to, but of course better than the one now available for Windows 
Mobile,  that can be installed on the Nokia Internet Tablet.

I could be wrong but I would be surprised if the WSJ would do an 
exclusive deal with Microsoft and/or Action Engine but hey, then again, 
I was skunked by Apple's decision to accept an exclusive deal with ATT 
for the Iphone.

Some might argue that, since the Internet Tablet www browser supports 
variable zoom, such a specialized portal is not necessary since you can 
go to the standard WSJ www site and zoom/scroll away. True enough, 
however, the reality is not so simple as that, however, since a site 
with the textual content richness of the WSJ can overpower a small 
screen. In fact, given this site richness I wish that I could expand the 
rendered content of the standard WSJ www site to the full 22' of my 
monitor to spread it out a little more.


Best Regards,


John Holmblad


Acadia Secure Networks, LLC

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