[maemo-users] /usr/bin/ias keeps crashing my 770

From: Damien Challet dchallet at onetel.com
Date: Mon Feb 18 13:11:38 EET 2008
On Monday 18 February 2008 11.57:54 Eero Tamminen wrote:
> Hi,
> ext Damien Challet wrote:
> > I am running 2007HE, latest version, and the stats of the lifeguard are
> > telling: /usr/bin/ias was the cause of 251 reboots.
> ias restarts or devices reboots?

restarts my mistake (I have done my homework since I wrote my last email), but 
the reboots seem to be related to ias. The reboot reason is always 32wd_to, 
and no core file is created in /media/mmc1/core_dumps. In lifeguard_restarts, 
ias increases by about 10-20 every day.

> > Am right in thinking that this program has something to do with audio?
> If I remember correctly, it's related to touchscreen sounds.
> Maybe disabling them from control panel helps?

They are already disabled.

This is an valuable insight: on internettablettalk [1], somebody reported that 
his tablet restarts about once every 3-4 days, and that the precursor is that 
the touchscreen sounds stop, then after 4-6 seconds, reboot, which leaves him 
time to save his work.

Anyway, I have renamed /usr/bin/ias and killed the process. I will report in a 
few days if ias was the culprit.


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