[maemo-users] Xterm for N800 2008....

From: Richard Mighty rgmighty at hotmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 18 17:52:10 EET 2008
I need some assistance with xterm.....Yesterday I upgraded from 2007, to 2008, prior to update, I used xterm which I downloaded from Maemo, under 2007 reposority.  
Now that I've upgraded to 2008, I tried to install xterm and received message 'Wronge version of package installer'  BTW I download it from 2007 repository, which I'm hoping in backwards compatiable, if not I don't see xterm for 2008.  PLEASE HELP.
Boaz<html><div><P><EM><STRONG><FONT color=#660000 size=2>&nbsp;</FONT></STRONG></EM></P></div></html>
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