[maemo-users] Videos and VNC

From: Hal Vaughan hal at thresholddigital.com
Date: Thu Feb 21 21:58:24 EET 2008
I'm thinking of using an N770 as the control for a headless system for 
several reasons.  While it's not a must, one thing that would be nice 
is to also view video through such a setup.  There will be times when 
I'll be stuck alone with this system and it will have a DVD player so 
if I could watch DVDs it'd be nice.

Basically I was planning on using VNC tunneled through ssh for security 
and over wifi to connect my N770 to the main system.  Would this create 
too slow a connection to watch video?  Would it make a difference if I 
had the base system stream the video then watched on the N770 by just 
reading the network stream and playing it back instead of using VNC?



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