[maemo-users] Where is the Debian Packaging app? [In Maemo SDK Vmware Appliance]

From: Ryan Pavlik abiryan at ryand.net
Date: Thu Feb 21 22:10:26 EET 2008
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You don't need to touch Windows - that 172 address is the correct 
nameserver address, VMWare creates a virtual network within your machine.

You're only in scratchbox when you double-click the desktop icon for 
Scratchbox _inside_ of VMWare.  What you need to do is copy the 
nameserver line from /etc/resolv.conf in VMWare but _outside_ of 
scratchbox to the /etc/resolv.conf that is visible from within each 
target.  (you can install nano in the targets to do this easiest - 
fakeroot nano /etc/resolv.conf will let you edit the /etc/resolv.conf 
inside that scratchbox target)

Merrick Fonnesbeck wrote:
>  So I need to use Ipconfig in Windows XP to find my DHCP server address
> and change the "nameserver" line in the resolv.conf file to that address
> right?  I opened a terminal window (a link at the top, on the title bar)
> and try editing the /etc/resolv.conf and it says it is read-only.  If I
> open a Scractchbox terminal window from the desktop (with the prompt
> [sbox-CHINOOK_X86: ~] >) and edit it, it came with a default
> "nameserver" address.  I found that there are 4 different resolv.conf
> files, from the maemo terminal window there is one at
> /scratchbox/etc/resolv.conf and /etc/resolv.conf, there is also two
> others when using a Scratchbox terminal window.  There is a "search"
> line and a "nameserver" line.  What files should I try and edit and what
> should the values be?  And where the files in the maemo terminal window
> were showing up as "read-only", how can I change that so that I can edit
> the files?
> And in my ipconfig /all command in XP I see the following connection
> information sections:
> 	* Ethernet adapter VMware Network Adapter VMnet8
> 	* Ethernet adapter VMware Network Adapter VMnet1
> 	* Ethernet adapter Local Area Connection
> Do I need to care about any of these settings for the Vmware adapters?
> Please let me know what I can do.  Thanks.
> Merrick
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> Marcelo Lira wrote:
>> Merrick,
>> can't you get network access from inside scratchbox or from the image 
>> as a whole?
> This is something that happens to me too.  You need to make sure that
> outside scratchbox you have it set to DHCP and inside scratchbox in
> every target /etc/resolv.conf must point to whatever it does outside of
> scratchbox - a virtual address from VMWare.
> Ryan

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