[maemo-users] Videos and VNC

From: Mike Lococo mikelococo at gmail.com
Date: Thu Feb 21 23:39:42 EET 2008
>> Basically I was planning on using VNC tunneled through ssh for
>> security and over wifi to connect my N770 to the main system.
>> Would this create too slow a connection to watch video?
> It probably would be too slow on account of the encryption

Have you tried doing this on any device?  It's been a while since I did
much with VNC, but my impression what that this wouldn't work even
desktop-to-desktop on a lan with no encryption wrapper at all.  The
unencoded bandwidth requirements are through the roof, and the
latency/load of any encoding mechanism intended for screen-use clobbers
the video feed, plus the update detection mechanisms are likely to fail
for media-player screen updates, plus I don't think VNC is capable of
piping sound through the link.  Basically, video over VNC is pretty much
a non-starter on all fronts.

There are other ways to stream video from a desktop to an Nxx0, they
involve varying degrees of complication but that's the route you'll want
to go.  Look into UPnP and other media servers that have Nxx0 clients.

Mike Lococo

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