[maemo-users] DUN via bluetooth - with Verizon?

From: Andrew Barr andrew.james.barr at gmail.com
Date: Sat Feb 23 02:15:09 EET 2008
Michael Conklin wrote:

> I would like to experiment with Dial Up Networking via a bluetooth phone
> (I have not tried it yet because I need to enable broadband access) but
> when I search on the Verizon site for instructions, the only method they
> show is
> utilizing a "connection wizard" that runs under Windows.  If anyone has
> successfully set up DUN with their N800 or N810 with Verizon I'd love to
> hear any tips.
> Thanks,
> Michael Conklin

Short answer: it should work.

Long answer: Verizon has a long history of screwing with Bluetooth features
and profiles, and while more recent generations of phones have worked a lot
better, in the past you had to hack your phone to get DUN to work. To some
extent this is still required, but it mostly involves editing files with
BitPim. Since most of the sites and tutorials on how to do this involve, in
the very least, voiding your warranty on the phone (if they can tell what
you did), I will leave you to your Google-fu to find information on this. 

But know that it can be done.

Bluetooth DUN is a standard protocol (the Bluetooth SIG calls
these "profiles") and any phone and any device--laptop, desktop, tablet,
PDA, whatever--running any OS that supports Bluetooth and supports DUN
should work. 

Verizon Support is the last place you'd want to look for documentation. Not
only was Bluetooth DUN not an approved method of access until very recently
(after the consistent outcry from customers who had just spent several
hundred dollars on a phone and expensive cell broadband access
plan--Verizon wanted to charge them on the order of $60 _more_ a month to
lease a PCMCIA card), but I'm sure they don't support handheld devices that
run anything other than Windows Mobile, much less a handheld device they
didn't sell you.

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