[maemo-users] application manager problem

From: Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.co.yu
Date: Sat Feb 23 08:22:20 EET 2008
After using graphical application manager to
update lists of available programs, I encoun-
tered a trouble with formatting the names list
on "all" table. All specific lists are correctly
formatted, just that "all" shows no place enough
to see names. The handle should be moved to the
right to help the issue. In this moment I cannot
find the way to do that. Maybe some ascii file
handles the behaveour? I did not do anything I
have not done usualy, but nopcode site made some
trouble updating the list. After removing that
link, I managed to update and had no error mes-
I will now try to update manualy and see if I have
some break-through. Any idea about? I see no error
in having all files updated and the line on the
list behaves just as normal. Only that place for
the name should be a little wider, to show the name
and no "...".
Yeah! Gregale on 770.
Best regards


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