[maemo-users] N810 and ad-hoc networks

From: Jonathan Hudson jh+maemo at daria.co.uk
Date: Mon Feb 25 19:22:38 EET 2008
On Sun, 24 Feb 2008 23:24:05 +0100 (CET)
Giacomo Tufano <Giacomo.Tufano at Sun.COM> wrote:

> Has anyone been able to use a Nwhatever on an ad-hoc network. I tried with 
> OS2006 AND OS2008, mac, windos and linux hosts. I can get the link easily 
> (well, easily on mac and windows) but I get no address from the 
> connection, so nothing works.
> I googled for it, but no results. Ideally I would like to connect via wifi 
> to my notebook connected wired to the Internet and have Internet connect 
> on the tablet.
> Any hint or pointer or success story will be greatly appreciated.

It works fine for me with static IPs and routing / masquerading on a
Linux laptop and N800/OS2008. Useful in wired hotels for being able to
carry BBC Radio 3 via the internet/N8x0 around the room / suite.

In my experience, ad-hoc eats a lot of power, and I feel that IP over
bluetooth is somewhat less power hungry (and actually easier to
automate), so that's now my favoured solution to the "N8x0 in a wired
hotel room" conundrum.


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