[maemo-users] Maintaining an internet connection

From: Michael Conklin michael.conklin131 at gmail.com
Date: Mon Feb 25 21:36:31 EET 2008
I suspect the issue here is not related to my N800 but instead to the
wireless network but I thought I'd see if anyone has any ideas.

At work, I connect to a wifi network designed for guest use (i.e. it does
not connect to our corporate network). The wifi network has WEP security and
the N800 connects right away with the appropriate network key. As soon as I
enter the building - I get the message "Connected to XXXXX".  Then, if I
attempt to access the web, I separate login comes up where I have to enter a
username and password (why we have this additional layer of security is a
question to me since it means that the IT guys have to enable a separate
account for each client that comes in the building and wants to access

This web login always comes back with a "Successful Login" message and
instructions on how to logout.

The issue is that, when I then open a browser window and/or try to access
the internet one of 2 things happens:

1) about 90% of the time I get "Server not found" and I cannot access the
internet at all. This is true for any application and continues whether I
logout/log back in/reboot/reconnect etc.
2) about 10% of the time everything works fine, for about 2 hours, after
which I am back at situation #1.

I find it difficult to diagnose the situation and if anyone has any ideas I
would appreciate it. (My IT guys are of little help since the N800 is not
Windows, and this is an extremely low priority for them).


Michael Conklin
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