[maemo-users] platforms for development

From: Chuck Robey chuckr at chuckr.org
Date: Tue Feb 26 06:12:56 EET 2008
This is my first use of any of the Maemo mailling lists, so if I am 
using the wrong one, a word to me about that will fix me up fine.

Anyhow, I just bargained away my last i386 based linux box, so the boxes 
I have remaining for N800 development (and i DO intend to do that!) 
include my PPC based Mac OS/X, my quad core Intel box hosting FreeBSD, 
and another box I am just getting ready to ubstall, it's a AMD64, and I 
am thinking to put Gentoo Linux on it (I like Gentoo best of all Linuxes).

Can FreeBSD host N800 dev?  It's 100% software compat, but it's only 
about 80% hardware compat (some devices are different, like usb stuff).  
If not FreeBSD, any problem with 64 bit usage of AMD64 with Gentoo?  My 
least favorite choice would be 32 bit usage of AMD64 (it can be done, if 
you weren't sure), and my Mac is maybe my 2nd favorite. with everything 
else after FreeBSD and the Mac (OS/X is based on a version of FreeBSD, 
so that's natural).

Anyhow, anyone know what *won't* work?


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