[maemo-users] GPE on maemo manual? / Repository signatures

From: Dave Sherohman dave at sherohman.org
Date: Tue Feb 26 20:29:48 EET 2008
1)  Is there a manual or configuration guide available for the maemo
version of GPE?  I've just installed pretty much the whole thing (I
skipped starling because, well, why does a PIM suite need an audio
player?) and am having some issues trying to get it to behave as I want.

My specific current problems are:
  - I'm trying to adjust the gpesummary applet's position to line up
    nicely with my other applets.  Sometimes when I try to tap-and-drag
    it, it moves.  Sometimes it opens the clock/calendar/todo app.
    Sometimes it doesn't react at all.  How/where should I hit it to get
    it to move reliably?
  - Once I (accidentally) open the calendar app, it refuses to close.
    The "X" in the upper right which *should*, by all that is standard
    and holy, close the app instead minimizes it.  The only way I have
    found thus far to close the calendar app is by opening an xterm and
    killing it from the command line.  Can this be changed to behave in
    the standard way and, if so, how?

Are there docs covering these sorts of things or will I need to continue
asking here if additional issues come up?

2)  Running apt-get from the command line, I get GPG warnings about
unknown or invalid signatures from http://maemo-hackers.org chinook
Release and http://synthesize.us ./ Release.  Are the necessary keys
to verify these signatures readily available?

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