[maemo-users] N810 - hardware lock key intermittnently not working???

From: Sameer Verma sverma at sfsu.edu
Date: Wed Feb 27 19:34:56 EET 2008
Scott Carr wrote:
> Joshua Layne wrote:
>> Is anyone else having intermittent problems with the hardware lock key on
>> the N810 (the slider) - mine will just randomly fail, sometimes even
>> immediately after a cold power down (with the battery out).
>> It is a really annoying problem.
>> Yes, I activated red-pill mode and have installed countless third party
>> apps, but this still shouldn't be happening.
>> Any pointers greatly appreciated.
>> josh
> I have seen this before, what I have found is that the slider has a
> "catch" it seems.  When I thought I had slide it far enough, there was
> actually a little more that it was needing to slide before it recognized
> it.  If I find I am having problems with the slider, if I push a little
> more it works.
> Another item I have seen is that if you push it, and get frustrated and
> push it a couple more times, it kind of "catches up", and all of the
> sets works in succession.
There seems to be a bit of a lag between sliding the key and the screen
prompt. I usually slide the key, hold it until I see the prompt.


Dr. Sameer Verma, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of Information Systems
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