[maemo-users] N800 user unhappy with OS2008 upgrade -- are there others?

From: Norman Ramsey nr at eecs.harvard.edu
Date: Tue Feb 26 21:12:42 EET 2008
I finally upgraded my N800 to OS2008 about a month ago.
I've gotten used to the new look and feel, about which I'm mostly
neutral, but otherwise it has been nothing like what I was promised:

  1. The RSS reader is no better able to handle a feed with a hundred
     entries; my favorite feed falls in this class.

  2. I get web browser crashes at least once a week.  I *never* had a
     crash under OS2007.

  3. I very frequently get inadvertent 'double-hits' when using the
     stylus with the touch screen.  These were rare events under OS2007.

  4. If improvements have been made to the applications themselves (as
     opposed to the home screen), they are not readily visible to me.
     Image viewer still chokes on a directory with several hundred
     images, for example.

  5. OK, one minor complaint about the look and feel: with the new fat
     menus, even using the stylus, I can only fit a few bookmark
     entries on the screen at one time.  A device like this benefits
     from a lot of bookmarks, but now screen real estate carries less
     information and bookmarks are therefore more work to find.
I am really disappointed in this upgrade and in Nokia's general
decision to keep the applications closed source.  The performance of
the applications is a continual source of disappointment to me, but
without access to the source code it is hard to see how to do better.

Is anybody else disappointed in OS2008?

Norman Ramsey

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