[maemo-users] N800 user unhappy with OS2008 upgrade -- are there others?

From: Mike Lococo mikelococo at gmail.com
Date: Thu Feb 28 22:19:50 EET 2008
>>>   1. The RSS reader is no better able to handle a feed with a hundred
>>>      entries; my favorite feed falls in this class.
>> I don't think the RSS reader will ever be a priority, unfortunately.
>> It's been tagged (as far as I can tell) as a low-importance "toy" app.
>>  That, and there are so many other high profile applications like the
>> browser and they only have so many staff.
> Then give up the source code it.  It's only a news reader after all, not
> like there is any innovative software here.  I'm continually
> disappointed with Nokia in this regard.  They just don't seem to "get
> it".

I honestly don't understand how people can still conscience themselves 
trotting out the "Nokia doesn't get open code" argument after Microb and 
Modest.  They are the two premiere apps for the platform and Nokia is 
doing exactly what you suggest in opening them up.

It can take a huge amount of work to get the approvals to open up new 
code in a corporation, and to document the code and engage the developer 
community to actually hack on it takes another order of magnitude of 
effort.  That Nokia is putting that effort into Microb and Modest show 
that they *do* "get it" and that they get how to prioritize it and do 
the most important work first.

If there's a segment of the community that prioritizes things 
differently (there always will be, which is healthy), there's nothing 
stopping them from creating competing apps, as has happened in the 
media-player space.  RSS is a user-space application, and nobody *needs* 
Nokia's code to make progress there.

Mike Lococo

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