[maemo-users] task launcher environment

From: Matt Emson memsom at interalpha.co.uk
Date: Fri Feb 29 15:41:32 EET 2008
Jeffrey Mark Siskind wrote:

Change the .desktop file to run a script that ensures you have the 
correct user and environment and cwd/pwd or whatever. This is a common 
problem with launching apps outside of the commandline I think - for 
example BeOS would do the exact same thing, including losing the path 
the app was run from within the app framework. Very annoying!

> My question is this. What is the environment (not just the environment
> variables but also the directory, umask, ulimits, etc.) that programs run by
> the task launcher get? How can I control that environment? I can I make sure
> that .profile is run in the environment in which programs run by the task
> launcher are run? I would like the task launcher to run programs in the same
> environment and with the same directory as is the case in a shell started up
> in a virgin osso X terminal window.

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